Copy Editing
The nitty gritty. I take two read-throughs to edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other obvious errors of sentence and paragraph structure. This is purely an edit of the mechanics of your manuscript; if you are confident that you have brought the writing to where you want it as far as style and structure, this is the final stage where I will catch all the remaining offences and clean it up for printing.

Stylistic Editing
You send me your manuscript and I make it sing.

I take what you’ve written and elevate it to be read and enjoyed smoothly, while maintaining the integrity of your words and voice. This is a polishing process; editing for clarity, consistency of message, and even the organization of your manuscript.

Structural Editing
Rejigging the framework.

Editing for structural integrity, I make suggestions as to the order of content and also watch for redundancies, unnecessary content and issues of flow and clarity.

Everyone has a story. But not everyone can write compelling narrative that works. You give me the framework. I do the rest.